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Edmodo Badges

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Edmodo Badges


Meet the Teacher

Student came to "Meet the Teacher Night" with parent in tow.


Open House

Student is awarded this badge for bringing parents to Open House


Spirit Rally

The student attended the ECISD spirit rally parade at the high school.



Student participated in the AVID 5K run for ECISD


Relay for LIfe This student attended the Relay for Life Walk at the ECISD Stadium.


Bike Rodeo

The student participate in the Salado PTA Bike Rodeo.


Community Service

Thank you for participating in some community service!


Folklife Festival Badge

The student attended the Folklife Festival in downtown San Antonio. (1st week of summer)


GT Night

This student attended the end of year GT Night celebration in May.


Red Ribbon Week

The student participated in each day of the Red Ribbon Week activities.


St Jude's Mathathon

This student participated in the St. Jude's Mathathon.



I Know My Info

Student has shown they can recite all personal information for an officer or emergency service adult. (name, parents, address, home and cell


1st Post

Student has successfully created their first Edmodo post.


Content Connector

Student has found related content to what we are studying in class and has repeatedly shared it with other students in Edmodo.


100th Post

This student has shown a constant presence on Edmodo with posts and responses


1000th Post

This student has shown a prolithic presence on Edmodo with posts and responses


A Honor Roll

The student has earned all A's this nine weeks.


A/B Honor Roll

This student made all A and B honor roll for the 9 weeks. CONGRATULATIONS!


Figurative Language

Student has mastered the recognition and use of figurative language in oral and written communication.


Class Spelling Bee

This student won the class spelling bee and represented the class in the school spelling bee.


Career Badge

This student has researched a possible career and reported on the duties and requirements of that occupation.



Student performed in front of a large audience with poise and dignity.


Perfect Attendance

Student had perfect attendance this 9 weeks.



The student has shown a 90% or more mastery with the definition and etymology of words on a Google Drive quiz.


Digital Artist

The student has shown proficiency in the use of scanners and a stylus to create digital art on computer software.


Texas Bluebonnet Award

This student finished 5 Bluebonnet Books and voted in the Texas Bluebonnet Voting.



Stop Frame Animation

Student has shown mastery of stop frame animation.


Papercraft Creator

This student has shown a proficiency in the creation of 10 differing examples of papercraft creations.



This student has shown proficiency in the creation of 10 art pieces on different media.


Chess Player

The student has shown proficiency in the strategy and rules of the ancient game of kings.

1.  Learn to play - including special moves like - en passant, and castle

2. Make a poster giving information on a famous chess player.

3. Write a 1-2 day report on the history of chess.



This student has practiced safety strategies with their family for fire and other emergencies that may arise in the home.

1. Create a map of your house with exit strategies marked in red in case of a fire.

2.  Practice a family fire drill and have your parent sign your map.

3.  Have a family plan for an intruder and have your parent sign the map that you have discussed the plan.


Paper Airplane

This student won the paper airplane competition.


Happy Birthday!

This badge goes to the happy birthday student.


Oral Story Telling

The student has placed in an oral story telling contest.


Logic Master LVL1

The student has successfully finished 20 level one logic puzzles.


Logic Master LVL2

The student has successfully finished 20 level two logic puzzles.


Wolf Quest

The student has completed the quests within the Wolf Quest simulation program and created a comic strip about wolf adaptations and behaviors.


Classic Animation LVL1

This student has mastered the art of stick figure animation and created 500 frames worth of projects.


Classic Animation LVL2

This student has mastered the art of stick figure animation and created another 1000 frames worth of projects using the new

features unlocked after gaining the level one badge.


Golden Attendance Badge

This student has had perfect attendance ALL year long! (Available at end of the year)


Random Act of Kindness

Student has performed a selfless act to either assist or cheer up a group or individual.


Master Scribner

This award is given to a student with remarkable penmanship.

1.  Bring your best 3 samples of cursive writing from class work to be inspected for excellent penmanship.



The student has shown a 90% mastery of geography on a Google Drive quiz.


Music Recognition

The student has shown a 90% mastery of music recognition from a Google Drive quiz.


Art Recognition

The student has proven mastery of art recognition by gaining a score of 90 or more on a Google Drive quiz.


Comic Creator

The student has created a Pixton Comic project and shown mastery of the comic style of presentation and story telling.


Greek Geek

The student has completed a project showing their knowledge and love of Greek mythology.


3D Modeling

The student has created a 3D model using Blender and shown proficiency in 3D modeling.




Oak Crest Newspaper Staff

Student has worked on and had a piece published in the school newspaper.


Peer Mediator

This student has been chosen to be a peer mediator at Salado.



Oak Crest Choir

This student is a member of the Oak Crest Choir.f



Parent is a member of the Oak Crest PTA


Parent Participation

Student encouraged a parent to participate in a school event on campus. (MAX of three per year)


Parent Teacher Conference

Your parent or parents attended a conference with their classroom or GT teachers.


Edmodo Parent

The student's parents have created an Edmodo account to view their work





(green = finished,  red = in progress)

Star Wars Badge Sponsored by Faith N.

Volcano Badge  Sponsored by Patrick D.

Oceanography Badge  Sponsored by Macy P.

Cryptozoology Badge Sponsored by Derek R.

Geology Badge Sponsored by Patrick D.

Greek Geek Badge Sponsored by Lacy P.

Superhero Badge  Sponsored by Mya J.

Soccer Badge  Sponsored by Jacob S.

Thespian Badge  Sponsored by Jazmyn L.

Basketball Badge  Sponsored by Aubery E.

Bird Badge  Sponsored by Catherine R.

Cloud Badge Sponsored by Jayden C.

Fitness Badge  Sponsored by Jozlynn M.

Chivalry Badge Sponsored by Jesus A.


Solar System Badge sponsored by Savanah B.

French Badge sponsored by Leah M.

Spanish Badge sponsored by Hailey S.

Recycle Badge sponsored by Gabriella J.



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